Saturday, July 31, 2010

swim play build

A moment of beauty that I certainly didn't capture in this photo, a little rainbow, and the moon over this sunflower that just opened up. The flowers in the garden are all finally starting to burst open.
We have been taking the boys to the lake for swimming lessons every day this week and next week as well. They are having lots of fun, their teacher told me she thinks they are fantastic kids & she likes teaching them. Aw. We have changed our driveway so that this can be more of an area for playing hockey, soccer, badminton, etc. Back where the trailer is will be the gateway to another big garden.And the cord wood foundation of the oven has made a lot of progress. It is looking really good. Papa found broken bits of concrete around for the very bottom. R&J have been bringing us big logs from their land so it made sense to try cord wood, we don't have a large selection of rocks at our place. Here the first log is placed...Papa got some instructions for cord wood building on the internet & got to it.Mixing cement is hard work!

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