Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to the Rhythm

After a summer of slacking in the realm of crafting and stories, this week we got back to it. I find it so challenging when we don't stick to this rhythm. I think I will use this space to record our stories and crafting as well...
We fixed up our nature table and will be adding to it throughout the season.
So the first day of the month we make calendars and talk about what is to come this month.
In September we take out a favourite book, about a boy named September and his adventures with a ball in the garden, we read this book everyday.

Our craft was wet felting balls. They really enjoyed that, we'll be making more...
We are telling the story "Little Red Cap" for the next 2 weeks, and hope to do a puppet play at the end, before we move on to Michael and the Dragon.

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  1. I cant even describe how excited I am to see you guys, look how happy Atti and Valen are in those felting photos!