Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Babies Enjoy Lovely Pottery Too

Feeding baby takes up many minutes of the day.  Nothing like beautiful pottery to enrich the experience.  Now I need to find a metal food mill in place of the plastic one that is cracked.  I never like putting warm/hot foods into the plastic mill.  But straight off they go out of the plastic into this inspired stoneware.
These little tea cups were made by a dear friend, www.gihi.ca while she was in art school.  She was taking the jewelry program  but took the clay class as well.  Included with these was a little tea pot.  Lately the tea cups have been the baby food bowls.  They are the perfect size & so beautiful, they add a lot to the feeding experience.

Thanks Grandmas for the beautiful spoons.  
Other child sized feeding bowls by another friend who makes exquisite pottery, www.kalika.ca
This is a tiny bowl, but so useful!
The big boys love these mini mugs.
Here is my latest sewing creation, a kind of long tunic with a velour lined hood, a very warm layering item for these chilly days.


  1. LOVING The tunic! Great design Erin.

  2. Thanks! It is freezing here, really needing the layers even inside this old breezy house.