Monday, November 22, 2010

First Snow Days

We had our first skiff of snow which was enough encouragement for the boys to make snow angels, roll 1 ball for a snow man, shovel paths everywhere, pull each other around on the sled. 

Therefore we needed to get a drying rack up by the wood stove.  We used an old window frame & hung it up in a corner. It is easy to stand on the little stool tucked there & hang everything.  I am very pleased with this system.  No dryers needed.  And a cozy corner for knitting the winter away.

We changed this up too, it looks a lot better, less cluttered maybe, and  That certainly gives me a calmer feeling.  Having been watching The Dog Whisperer it is a great lesson in being calm & how much it affects everything/everyone around you.

We brought out our winter seasonal box & changed the nature table.  The kids want to put up Christmas decorations  already.  Advent starts this Sunday & we are planning a Spiral of Light walk with friends..
This morphed into a big "I Spy" style picture, it was very smart, good counting skills in action.

We've been big on beets this week.  They are an amazing vegetable not to be forgotten.  There are a bunch of interesting beetroot recipes at, just scroll down a bit for all the beet recipe links.

He's grown out of his own apron so now he ties on  his great Grandma's.  This knit up pretty fast in a soft alpaca blend.  Oh so handsome and cozy.

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