Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Rainy Sunday

Carrot love, carrot is puzzling?

Big leaf

What could we use this for?

One of the many massive tree stumps on the homestead.... we have so few trees in our open 30 acre meadow.  It is too bad.  But we are planting loads of trees.  We'll notice it in 5 years or so.  I'd like to count the number of trees we have planted this year, it would be around 600.

We have been tossing the sunflower seed heads in for the chickens.  We must plant more next year, they love this, it keeps them busy, a delight to watch.

We've been debating an addition off of this side of the house, another bedroom & a mudroom.  However that is a big job & we, being modern folk (think Dwell magazine), might just try to work within our small space & reconfigure.  

One of two of these pretty bowls found in a shed here, my favourite to use.

Another keeper from a shed.

Brought in an old rocker for our baby, Papa can get him to sleep like this.

Another shed find, here on the land... finding a resting place in my studio...that is an amazing red!  

Grandpa built a pair of these (in the 70's), one lives in the pantry, this one is joining me in the studio...

This one I had as a friend told me it's original use was for a wash basin.

Shed find, step stool.

2 beautiful wood trunks, found here in the shed.   Moth ball stench included.  I am using them to store fabric & wool.

I found this mirror here as well... I scrubbed the horrible scribblings of insult I found written all over the glass... the woman who owned this had a bad case of self loathing... it felt so good to scrub it away...

And I'll use this unit in my studio as well, I put on a couple coats of white paint so far... Wow, we sure have some good finds.  I'll have to photograph the ones we have in the house too.  This land purchase has been a huge clean up project, but fun too, discovering little treasures along the way.

This little picture of me has followed me from house to house...

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  1. Erin that photo of you is adorable. Its incredible all of the stuff you have found on your own land! wow!