Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Day of Winter

We think she stuck her head in the cob oven  after we baked in it & had the door off over night, maybe she could smell food...now she is a maremma with a black head a slightly pinkish nose.  Very odd.

He said it feels so good to put a baby to sleep, I agree.
It helped since I shoveled out a patch for a skating rink, took almost 2 hours!  The snow is heavy since the days are so warm.  Hopefully we can even make ice.
We made a Mary & Joseph for the nature table.  They have already arrived at the stable.        
I've been sanding these cuts of birch from papa, trying to make them ultra smooth then polishing them with beeswax & oil, as gift for the boys.

Cooking tonight I thought this certainly was a pomme de terre.


  1. every photo in this post is of something/someone so beautiful. i love your blog so so much.