Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Holidays

We have been happily busy this holiday week.  We have got a lot done around the farm & had some good social time with friends & family too.  
Homemade eggnog was amazing with the gourmet Christmas dinner with friends...cream from their cow, eggs from their  hens, never tasted eggnog like this before!

A Santa gift, a book, called Finger Strings, has given hours of fun to this guy, he is figuring it out all on his own & doing so well.

I have been knitting socks!!!  

Making lefse with Grandma!  So fun, so yum!

We tried out cooking them right on the woodstove.  Success!

This was a gift for my Dad, a shoe shine box, to keep all of his polishes & cloths.  It will be a great replacement of the plastic pail he uses now.  I found it at the thrift store, if you know my Dad, this gift really suits him.

Papa found some time to do something he loves, he made this bench & a little stool.  I will take more pics of them & post soon...


  1. wonderful photos! what are lefse? they look delicious. What a find for your Dad, don't you love finding that perfect gift in an antique shop?
    Also, Valen looks like a little yogi in that last photo ;)