Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Pants for All of the Boys

This was his outfit for the performance the other day.    He hasn't taken is off since then.  Does that make me look bad?  The top is organic velour & the pants an organic terry.  Well everything is in the wash today since he spilled the smoothie all over himself.

This guys has new pants made from the scraps of a local clothing designer.  Again, velour.  They are big so they will last him over the next year.  I think the next pair will be lined with the velour as well.  Luxury, especially when you are a bottom feeder, living on a cold floor.

If the dishwasher is open he is there!

New terry pants for this one too.  He is waiting for his velour tank.  

Great success with this run of homemade patterns.  The lunch bag is great, we gave it to a friend, it is a little sack that ties at the top and the knot is a handle.  I'll make more & post some pictures.  It was perfect made in hemp linen & lined with a retired cotton bedsheet.  

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