Monday, December 6, 2010

Premiere Dance Performance

Warning: this video is 1/10 quality and hardly worth watching unless you love this boy.
The day before the Hafla he decided to perform.  He knew right away the song (by Dead Can Dance that Papa cut to be a mere 1:30 instead of almost 6 mins) he would dance to & got mama to make him his fine outfit, & used the silks he dyed himself.  There was no practicing beforehand, he didn't want us to watch & tell him what to do, besides he is so good already, why should he practice?  We loved watching him & so did the crowd!


  1. Well that was awesome! He is quite the performer & I see he has inherited his mama's spinning skills. Very great!

  2. That was amazing! Ammmmazing. His is so in tune with music and he has incredible moves. I cant wait to talk to him about this, even more- i cant wait for him to hit the dance floor at our wedding!

  3. i have just loved looking through your blog! so glad you somehow found mine so i could find yours!