Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drum-Sun-(Knit Drink)-Eat

The first Heart Beat Community Drum Circle, sounds like it  started with a boom-diddy-bang! Nice work Papa.
Warm weather, sunshine & a deck we can sit out on...  knit & drink chamomile/nettle tea (my current preference) while watching the kids play & occasionally wanting to strangle the dog.
I mentioned my egg noodle exploration, I've already moved into the realms of sourdough egg noodles, the next dimension.  Yum.  I'm on a bit of a nourishedkitchen frenzy of trying out recipes, they are all so good... like the flaugnarde!!!
And here is week one in the plastic tally.  We have certainly sharpened up after having this experience, our goal is to be plastic free!  It is almost impossible in this day & age but we have the opportunity to make many better decisions.

1 comment:

  1. looks like you guys did a really good job on the no plastic thing. no matter how on top of it you try to be it is so so hard to be totally plastic free, even bringing your own bags everywhere and making everything from scratch... if you want email me your address, i have a mix cd i made awhile ago i give to/send to friends (you asked what i was listening to) :))) darlingisaid@gmail.com