Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Milk-Plants-New Music

Fresh raw goat milk smiles & sweaty snow suit heads.  We had a fun day at the cafe on the ice slide with friends!
Swedish ivy finds a better spot, starting to look healthy again.  It can take awhile sometimes to find the right spot for a plant.  I am so looking forward to staying in one place for a long time.
English Ivy clipping from summer, full of roots, ready to find a spot outside in spring.  I've been doing some serious garden plan sketches.
I received an order of books & 2 cds using our Self Design funds today... I love these cds by Wilma Ellersiek, her voice is so angelic & peaceful, a true inspiration!  I think I should get the books too, a mama needs some inspiration sometimes on this challenging but very rewarding path.  Canadian friends, we can order at, to skip on the duty and 3 weeks of waiting for the mail.

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