Monday, January 3, 2011

The Themed Meal

I think my favourite meals around here are those that reach beyond the palate into the realms of the other senses as well...

Chapatis & dal.

I usually add herbs into my chapati dough, whatever we think our bodies need at that time.  Today was oregano & tumeric.  I mix up the dough and let it sit, sprinkled with water, for a good long while in hope of breaking down some phytates in the kamut.  We are lucky to puff up the chapatis over a flame & then, of course, smother with butter.

We always burn a little incense with this meal.
This album gets me bellydancing the cooking & cleaning into a good time.
And finish the meal with a hot chai!  Tastes better in a beautiful new Kalika mug.


  1. this looks incredible, just like everything you seem to do! can you give a recipe for your chapatis (even for those of us without a wood stove to cook on)?

  2. Yes, I would love to have your recipe! Blessings, Nicole