Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stool & Bench by Papa J

 Happy January 2011!
Here are some better pictures of papa's projects this week.  He made these both in just a couple of hours.

Tiny stool, baby loves it.
Made with wood from our land.

The legs are alder, harvested over a year ago.

Great bench for the long table we will make one day.

Also using all wood from the land.

Better than IKEA.

A little sanding to do still.
We laughed about how long it takes to knit up a pair of socks in comparison... and that doesn't include the  harvesting, cleaning, spinning & dyeing of the wool.  


  1. "Better than IKEA." lol!! :) i love little stool!!

  2. MUCH better than Ikea!
    Very nice indeed.

  3. yes, and once you knit one sock you feel like you should be done + able to wear them then the reality sets in that you still have another to go! but not much is better than handmade woolen things, and the second sock/mitten/sleeve is i think always faster than the first:)))

  4. I love the long bench Papa J! cant wait to see the harvest table :)

  5. So beautiful the bench is. Thank you for commenting in my world. Looking forward to getting to know yours.

  6. Wonderful handywork - definitely better than ikea!