Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home Spun, Knit & Dyed

Loving learning the hand spindle spinning.  I spun up enough to do a little top for myself. Rolling the spindle on my leg has made me bruised!  

Knit up and scoured & mordanted with alum & cream of tartar.

Dyed in some onion skins simmering on the woodstove.

A soft green & a top that kind of works for me, a bit boxy.


The makeshift drive band keeps popping off this oldie, I'm tinkering & trying to figure it out.  This should be fixable, right?  It seems so loose & flexible, perhaps I should glue the joining parts?  I don't have anything to compare it with really, it is the only spinning wheel I've known.  For now it is all about the hand spindle.

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