Monday, February 28, 2011


I came back to my cup of tea and my biggest boy stuck this clay heart on it... seriously sweet kid.

Coconut`s best buddy, Ona.

Mondays at the Nature Park.

Chickadees love peanut butter & sunflowers.

Much warmer weather but a crazy snow storm blowing horizontally, sills piling up with snow.

Future egg shell seedling pots?  What could I use in place of the egg carton?  Or, if anyone close has cartons to donate, I am accepting.
Rearranging furniture, I like this set up.

Still many things to move & organize.

I`ll call this the before picture of the dining area, even the floor is half painted after moving things (my style with 3 kids about).  I can't move the rugs until I can sand & paint a bit, lest the baby gets big slivers.

Little man feet in the wood pile`s constant mess.
dusty the gnome he likes a dust free home so lets brush all the dust away so dusty can comeout to play achooo achoooo 

Woodstove kettle, $1 at thrift.

Yogurt Lemon Cake.

And feather canyons everywhere...


  1. Oh EJ! That cake was heavenly!

  2. If you want more go buy me some lemons!

  3. All those changes look wonderful but I have to confess my attention was drawn to that gorgeous looking cake!

  4. That cake looks insanely delicious. i will be making that this weekend. I love all of these french blogs you follow E!