Thursday, February 10, 2011

Making Doughnuts

Delicious recipe for sprouted grain doughnuts.  I let my grain sprout a little too long however which gave a very subtle wheatgrassy flavour (not my favourite).  The glaze was a wonderful discovery, honey & melted coconut oil with vanilla.  We never make icings because powdered sugar is disgustingly sweet, this glaze would work on those occasional special baked things like cinnamon buns too.


  1. These were DELISH! I'm a lucky man. Who makes DONUTS!

  2. these look sooo good.
    a while ago i made bagels from the tassajara cookbook, and they made me want to do doughnuts but never did (we don't have any air exchange over the stove so frying is always a big production...)
    also wanted to write about your son having been sick. the doctor should not have made you feel bad about not having given tylenol. in my view, that was the absolute best thing to do. if your son had a fever it was the way his body was trying to get rid of whatever was invading him (flu, whatever). to give tylenol superficially takes away the fever but doesn't take away why the fever was there. a fever in a kid is basically a really healthy immune response. my mom is a homeopath and i asked her if she could tell me specifically what you could have given him and though she mentioned a remedy it could have been (pulsatilla), the way homeopathy works is it takes into account why your particular child has those particular symptoms at that particular time. and then it gently urges your own body towards getting better. i'm sure you have some good homeopaths over there:))) my mom also said you could email her with questions if you wanted, i've talked to her about how much i love your blog (can give you her email if you want). :)) xx