Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Whip Lash

Laying on a hot towel...  He can't look upward.
My big boy has a ripping headache, sore neck,  laying around, sad, weepy & grumpy  (very unlike him).  Tonight Papa took him in to get checked out (not meningitis), and we think he has whiplash from tobogganing on Sunday.  We were scolded for not giving tylenol sooner.  In fact, I didn't know he had a bad fall until this afternoon....I was wondering what was going on with this kid, he has been so changed, I guess he didn't know either that it was connected to one of his many falls on the hill that day.
This morning I tried to cheer him up by teaching him to braid, thinking he was just down.  Do 6 year olds get depressed?  We used 3 different colours of yarn and used that as a pattern for braiding- white, rainbow, brown, white, rainbow, brown.   He picked it up fast.

Painting day with friends...

Tried 2 new recipes, both excellent... creamed collards &  butternut squash souffle.
Also new, cooking up nutrient dense mussels in a white wine, butter & garlic sauce.  

Picked up my biodynamic planting calendar, soon we'll be starting seeds!
The elusive kitty, we see downstairs now this week but he is still a bit of a shadow, he certainly didn't sit still for his photograph here.  He caught a shrew so we think he is amazing.