Monday, March 7, 2011

The Birds & the Trees

This is a great website,    This morning skiing by the river, at the spot I call the bird sanctuary the air was FILLED with bird song.... a red winged blackbird flew over onto the hawthorn beside me and sang, his friends across the river holding a strong background, bantering back and forth.  I hope to get the boys out there, if they can walk that far.

Here is the tree always full of crows... a murder of....

Camp fire at a logging blockade we visited on land that holds special ecological & cultural heritage traditional significance to this area's "extinct" native band, as well as an AMAZING natural area, & watershed.

Not bringing much sunshine to the lives of so many.
Glorious day hiking up the mountain.


  1. What great photos. You are a natural photographer!

  2. Thanks Yvonne, I'm having fun as a new photographer. One good thing about the blogging, I'm finally taking snaps.