Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sourdough Bagels

First bagel making attempt using this recipe... they were delicious!  It was quite a process (which I didn't photograph completely), but fun.  Plus I have such helpers in the kitchen, it makes everything long & sometimes frustrating but I have been ground into patience like spice in a mortar & pestle.  The boys shaped most of these, they did well!
Weighing dough, I was thinking home school.

A batch lasts awhile because each one is so filling.

I listened to this sourdough cooking class talk (it starts on the sourdough discussion at about 23 mins in) while I was kneading the first time ...  I am feeling good about my passionate adventures with sourdough & properly preparing grain.

Our big boy is really "into" doing chores these days...he will shovel, chop wood, collect eggs (from the new & improved coop, thanks Papa!).  It isn't easy to keep up with giving him jobs (since he's not really into cleaning inside).

Sunny spring days yet dumping snow every night.  I saw pussy willows today!

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