Friday, April 1, 2011

44 clove garlic soup for this wicked cold running through the children in this family, earaches (our first) included.  Giving thanks for homeopathy & wishing I knew more about it. 

Rising up in the garden.

Spinach popping up, we're eating small amounts of sorrel & using fresh catnip (just in time for the fevers) now too.  I adore having a second year garden!  Snow is almost gone, we'll be feasting on nettles soon enough.

It has been so lovely to escape to the garden for some mama alone time, see what is up, dream & plan, breathe.  I missed that.

It is truly a good time to be planting in the egg shells, I'm getting good at a perfect half crack.  Every time we have enough shells we fill up a carton & start some seeds.  The kids are enjoying watering.  Usually I check out our biodynamic calendar to see what we should start each day, be it leaf or flower, root or fruit.

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