Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mountain blue bird.


Bird bath under tree.

The power company knocked the osprey nests off the power poles, left these prongs to deter.
Our geese friends were looking to nest here too & are pretty confused  now.

Here is where we hope the osprey will nest this year, off the power poles & hoping the geese don't take their spot again.

Poor sick guy watching us work in the garden.  I took all of these photos, it seems, when the clouds were out but it was a mostly sunny day.

Baby loving to get his hands in the dirt.

I adore these Wynstones books for each season.  I am learning all of these new songs, on piano & singing.  It is a great joy for me.  These are at the top of my list for music resources with children.


  1. ohh that picture of sick little one :(

    get better soon!

  2. As my mom told me, that bird bath picture is a placenta! The tree of life!