Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The boys love all the cardboard I bring home.  Almost every trip to our little town I come home with a trunk load.

For sheet mulching of course.  This week the fruit trees got the treatment.

Cardboard, a good soaking, then a layer of mulch.

I tried to leave my onions and irises uncovered.

Looks beautiful after it is finished.

Sad to pluck off the blueberries to encourage the plants to be stronger.

The next task is the constant pulling of couch grass & thistles in the potato rows.  Need more cardboard.  Every night I go to bed with numb and tingling arms.  But I must love it because I'm always happy to get out there & do any work.

Beside my nettle forest, trying to harvest & dry as much as possible before they seed.   I've dried, as well as tinctured many herbs already.  The kids helped make some dandelion vinegar which was a great project for them, we'll taste it in a few weeks.

I took a cultivating mushrooms course on the weekend, loved it, came home with 2 shiitake inoculated alder logs that I soaked & put in a shady spot to grow.  There is so much to learn in the realm of mycelium.  

I am excited.


  1. There is so much to love about this kind of work! Numb and tingling arms and all. We are about to start the process of sheet mulching a large part of our yard for more garden space. Just got the book "Mycelium Running" by Paul Stametz. As you said, so much to learn about mycelium. Amazing.

  2. I just ordered that book too! It was recommended at the workshop I took. I have so much sheet mulching to do, and it will probably never really end. The beds I made last year in this technique are by far the richest this year, full of beautiful earth & worms & no weeds, so it is worth it.

  3. a guy in the building where i work does this and i asked him awhile ago if he had any extra oak logs, hopefully i'll be doing this soon too:))))

  4. That's encouraging to hear and makes me even more excited. A gardener friend said the same thing about the richness of the soil after doing this. I wish we had started sooner. We have been digging and digging and digging. Amazing amounts of digging! Grass is like nothing else.