Thursday, May 26, 2011

We rescued this chocolate lab X pup, sweet guy, medium energy & seems willing to please, loves a treat.

It didn't take long to fall in love, but still puppies are so much work.

The night back from our trip I had to go pick up the chicks, 25 buff orpingtons, they seem to be robust & strong.

I was wondering what kind of mushroom was growing along the perimeter of the garden... I've always been interested in learning about mushrooms however hadn't gotten there yet, so busy, but after some research, a new book, & a positive identification of an experienced person, here we have a load of morels.

Made a yummy dinner with sauteed morels & garlic, bbq trout, spinach salad & a glass of Forbidden Fruit wine.

Heavy rainfalls in our area, the river is high!

Collecting horsetail.

And comfrey leaf.

The crammed little house is crammed with drying screens...

...hanging baskets...

...and bunches of herbs drying, and the electric dehydrator on the go.  It smells  so good in here.

Another new tooth & the clinginess that comes with it... 


  1. Puppy love! (kiss), mushrooms - bizarre and crazy :)

  2. That sweet puppy! And your dinner looked delicious. What herbs are you collecting and drying?