Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday morning, seven kisses when he wakes, the table set simply but beautifully with a few gifts laid out, then a feast of a breakfast- grapes, yogurt & berries, & poached eggs with toast.  We dressed him as a prince & gave him the royal treatment all day.

Yummy cake, I used a coconut oil (1 cup) & honey (3Tbsp) glaze on top.  We all loved  it, the cake recipe is from the book Heaven On Earth, called the best birthday cake recipe.  It went over well here.

Tonight he said he was so sad to go to bed because tomorrow wouldn't be his birthday anymore... I suppose that means he enjoyed this day.


  1. Aww super happy birthday! That cake looks amazing :)

  2. oh the sweetest:)) i love that he said that before bed. and the flowers and table and the cake (and the family)... all looks so beautiful.