Thursday, June 9, 2011

The boys helped collect the cows to bring to graze at our place for a couple of weeks.

They rode behind them along the trail.

But bringing the cows here has been a controversial issue around here... the stream keepers are not impressed with us, they are worried their tree plantings will be trampled & they don't see having cows in & along the river here as good stewarding of riparian land.  I agree I just never considered these issues.  Our farmer friend with the cows asked to bring them round and as an exchange electric fence our property,  bring his tractor here to take away our massive pile of tires & clean up the rest of the junk, then after the cows go he'll seed it to rye, then give us trade of straw bales & meat, & we get  farm status for the whole property which is a tax break.
So we have electric fenced the tree blocks & now we are putting up barbed wire too.  Feeling busy.

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