Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The boys are building all the time, the yard is full of forts and mini castles (sand or rock or sticks or tarps)...

They say if you touch the golden towers you will turn to stone.

I love houses covered with vines.

Always in & out of the big flower pot.

The trail ditches are FULL of roses this year, it is stunning.

Addition shot from the north.


We read the Queen Bee & made some wax bees, the boys buzzed them around our bouquets.

VM's drawing of himself & a goat, they are still waiting for mama to decide to get goats.

With his b-day gift of a camera from Aunty Amy he took a great snap of our  cochin.

He took some kitchen shots too, the days of endless burdock harvest & the time consuming scrubbing of them.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\we'll be back on track with blogging now that we have replaced our camera.

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  1. aww. little S looks so cute in those green shorts! what a summer you are having!