Monday, June 27, 2011

We cleaned the house...

We painted with just yellow, starting in the middle & spiraling outward like sunshine.  This is Sev's first painting experience, the wet paper was covered in paintbrush hairs.

We picked flowers...

We had a bonfire & roasted little snacks.
Then into the garden, we picked a spot to set the table for the fairies to dance & party all night long, on Midsummer's night.

We set out our amazing miniature pottery set, handmade by our good friend, Kalika.  Perfect for a fairy party.

A beautifully set table and flowers strewn all over the ground for them to dance on. energy type balls, wood sorrel leaves, mushrooms,  flower water.  In the morning there was evidence the fairies had a good time, the food was gone and left in it's place were some fiery coloured gems.

Happy summer days!


  1. Such fun across the river! It's amazing how similar our days our, parallel lines...hoping to intersect! Much happiness this summer season to you five from us five.
    xo Jules

  2. This looks like the ideal day, I love the flower children & sunshiney paintings :)