Saturday, June 4, 2011

I see the angel!  Our almost 7 year old showed her to me and told me a beautiful story of the angels who like to paint pictures of themselves on these flowers.

We've been watching & waiting...

And finally 2 butterflies have emerged & been released.

The babies, always together, seriously cute.

Major cutworm damage in the brassica department.  I made some collars for the plants in most of the garden.  Then I got another tip from my aunt, you can just slide some toothpicks down around the stem and then the cut worm can't do it's thing, which sounds easier than all of this collar making business.

Flea beetles are very well fed this year, this entire row of cabbage looks like this.  I'm learning to start everything in the greenhouse instead & wait until the plants are strong & healthy, then wait until June 1st to plant out.

And the list goes on & on.

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  1. Oh, the babies are ridiculously cute! I mean, you can't GET cuter. And I chuckled as you shared the photos of the damage your garden has sustained, as I've been out doing the same. Chickens, toddlers, barncats, and now Starlings have been doing quite the unsavoury number on my poor little garden.