Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've been back & forth in my mind about getting goats or cows for milk, but  I think our goat lady friend has convinced us  to go for the goat.  Well, Joel is sold on it.  I just look at all of this grass and think cow, right?  However, we have a little goat shack & pen, ready & approved by our goat lady friend who is  willing to sell us a couple of her beautiful nubian kids.  Maybe they'll be here this week.

I've been sewing up little tanks & pants from all this scrap organic cotton velour my friend gave me awhile back.  Perfect sized scraps to sew baby clothes, & so soft.  Time to use it up.

He is a busy one, won't stand still for a picture.

Always working (messing).

Just loving irises this year.

Awesome thunder storm with hail.

Crazy boys, get in here, put on some woolies & have a nice snack.


  1. Love all their expressions. Running through the rain (hail?!) is so much fun! When I was little we lived on the east coast, and occasionally we would have summer rains in the hot, sticky, humid weather. We would jump into our bathing suits and run around, get soaked, splash in puddles. So much fun.

  2. Erin...Such fun to hop over here and see what is going on this side of the river. Your littlest boy's outfit is wonderful! It looks like a cozy, soft, snuggly bundle...and so does he! I'm looking forward to later on this week:)
    xo Jules