Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've been making many velour tanks & pants for our little guy.  He is totally out of daytime diapers and I've needed new pants that will stay up without the bulk of a big diaper bum.  We are so proud of our boy, though it is a lot of work hauling him off to the toilet every time, even to pass gas.  But he lets us know! 
 I love the simple tank, so soft & a great layer to wear even over his long sleeved shirts, works almost like a smock/apron/bib, and adds a nice layer of warmth to the core.  

What I have enjoyed most this week was figuring out a pattern to make him shoes.  

In leather, in denim...

At least there will always be one dry pair around!

He loves his "boots" as he calls them.

He really wants them on.

The boxes of scrap leather I was given, old upholstery samples now turning into shoes that were very needed.      


  1. Wow, I've been wanting to learn to make those shoes for a long time. you've inspired me to figure it out soon.

  2. Hello! Found your blog through my stat counter. Your boys are absolutely gorgeous ... and that you made those shoes, I am in awe, they look divine! Your little neck of the woods looks lovely too. Sam :)

  3. The little guy has good taste- those shoes are amazing!!

    you may find this interesting:
    this woman went to emily carr, she documented a year in which she only wore items she made...