Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peeking Into Pots

lacto fermented carrots

                                           cooking up some elderberry potion
the way the house smells is hard to describe better than the way she does:

"When I have elderberries in my hand, when they are steeping in the honey on the stove, and the house is filled with the dark, complex flavor of berries and bee honey, there is a sense of coming home. I feel a long line of women herbalist healers behind me, guiding my hand and rejoicing with me in the work. Making elderberry rob connects me to my ancestral herbal traditions, to the lineage of healers, to the deep medicine of my heritage. This is good medicine."


  1. the elderberry video is amazing. amazing. vaginal, womb like, mystery... describes it just like the worded description, more than that, it says what can't be said.

  2. the carrots too. thanks for these, they're awesome.