Monday, September 17, 2012

It isn't easy but we have been forcing ourselves to learn to process our own chickens.  We have about 10 roosters right now, and have been slowly knocking that # down.  They are maturing and their crowing has been making for early mornings for this family.  These are the sweet chicks that we & mama hen hatched this spring.  How they have grown, into such elegant roosters! 
Our biggest (human) boy is a champ chicken catcher, he brings us a rooster and we get to business.  Like it or not it needs to be done and is good food... a couple of meat meals, and a few quarts of rich stock, the dog gets the leftovers a few times over.
But it isn't easy, it was only a couple of years ago I feared touching a chicken out of a bag from the store...

doesn't look so bad in the slow cooker with loads of lovely garden veg.

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