Monday, September 24, 2012

thought i should throw in a few snaps to change it up for anyone who comes here, don't have to keep seeing the chicken hanging there..
a post to quickly fill up space
beautiful garden tomatoes that taste SO good

wild apples & elderberries

baking with the boys, making the letters our gr 1 guy is learning out of dough

a little sample of how he is learning the letters, through stories & fairy tales, art & movement

when they are not dogs (& eating out of bowls on the floor)... our 2 yr old is a dog almost half the time these days, calls himself "Maleeka", or maybe he is saying "me Leeka", so we have been calling him by his dog name & he loves that.
the big boys have been climbing on this wall every Wednesday, making it to the top & ringing the cow bell.


  1. We eat chicken too, everybody should get over it:) Plus, companies torture animals while they are been processed, you dont.

    You have the perfect environment for energetic little boys!

  2. Love the photos in this post! And laughed at the chicken thing. :) We raise our own chickens for meat too.

  3. yea the chicken photos were great, i wanted to do some on my own blog at that exact time, thought i was going to get to help with the slaughter at a friend's home but couldn't get free of work that day:( these photos are wonderful too. the kind of life i want to look at, chickens hanging at home and beautiful chalk letters, living, vibrant children eating from bowls on the floor, all of it. best.

  4. Yes, we do the butchering of chickens, too. So no squeamishness here. I love the little dogs, and his name is a great one :) The climbing wall looks like a blast!