Tuesday, January 22, 2013

onion skin dye pot

hang to drip dry, trying not to stain tub

hang weighted here & there around the house

or stretch on stools

first project, putting on the warp myself

another sunny weaving day with littlest playing

made from bits of left over yarns 

very soft

this boy is knitting like mad, making a couple gifts


  1. It's all so wonderful- I am in love with those yellows!
    My favorite part is the sweet little knitting boy at the end. :) My third child is nearly 6 and wants so badly to learn to knit. He isn't quite ready yet!

  2. The blue weaving is especially beautiful. I would love to lean how to do it, but I am always telling myself that I need to wait until my kids are older (2&4 now). You give me inspiration to just go for the things I love and not sit around waiting for the next 16 years to go by before I take action. Thank you! I love your blog so much.