Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last day being 2.

Going to sleep 2, waking up 3.

A sunny days minus the big boys & papa (ski bums), finishing my first weaving project with scrap homespun wool yarns, pretty stripey but all these new ideas are filling my head.

Listening to CBC radio & trying to get the cat & her mouse out of the house!


  1. Loom project looks really beautiful. How long did it take?

    Seve is three, hard to believe!

  2. Three, hooray! I looove Three. Happy Birthday!
    Beautiful weaving. :)

  3. And just a hop and a skip over the river, this is what you did on your mama day. I love it all! Especially that big three year old boy...and the weaving, of course. Looking forward to chatting fibre and food and homeschooling and general craftiness on Monday :)
    xo Jules