Saturday, July 6, 2013

shots on the new plot

Still making the beds in the garden, putting sawdust on the paths.

Large boulders protrude & create natural steps.

Our shop/home & J's work trailer viewed from the garden.

dome greenhouse & hoophouse

The hen who hangs with me, I call her 'Kitchen Chicken' since she pecks about my outdoor kitchen looking for a scrap (& I indulge her).

Awesome kitchen this summer, with a floor I dont have to sweep or wash.

log pile

with a secret entry

spiral in...

private solar heated shower!

slab/tipi outhouse


house progress... some walls will be up on Monday!!


  1. Wow- that's quite the set-up! I'm sure the time you spend in these accommodations will be memorable.
    Love and hugs, Yvonne

  2. THis is an incredible camp abode you have set up! LOVE the tee pee. A memorable summer indeed.

  3. Everything looks utterly amazing! The garden is going to be fabulous, as well as all the rest, I'm sure. And gosh, that bathroom is genius!!! Did you make up that dome greenhouse yourselves?