Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Cake

Today our story was, "Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka Bake a Cake", one of these lovely little old Swedish books we have. We did a drawing of the story and since today is Grandma Y's birthday so we decided to bake a cake for her! And we ate it in her honour. We chose an Almond Roll which is almost a cake, basically fluffy eggs and a bit of sugar mixed with ground almonds, baked thin and rolled up in a layer of whipped cream (had some to use up). The boys are good helpers in the kitchen...Happy Birthday Grandma Y!I guess it isn't so clear in the picture but this kid has some serious teeth coming in, just swollen and you can feel the points wanting to break through. We all can't wait because this has been ridiculous. Still smiling though..
Cute picture, these are the pots the dog loves to tip over and dig the plants out of. And the nice brick work Papa and Granny exposed. Already starting to grow back with some nice sun and rain here. Forecast is looking pretty damp all week.

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