Friday, June 18, 2010

Gardener's Nightmare

I am devestated by the damage the gophers have caused my garden. Excluding potatoes, which they haven't touched I would say they have eaten over half of my garden. They love the cabbage family, beets, chard, cosmos, beans, sunflowers. Our bb gun sucks, it takes forever to load and pump up and seems off again.
We went in to town for the last day of gymnastics...
and came back to another section of the garden eaten. It has just been so much work making the garden, the fence, digging beds, starting seeds and caring for them everyday, protecting the seedlings from frost and now all of this to feed the gophers....
I just want to feed my boys, not the rodents...

We let the sheep into the chicken run and they have been loving all of the fresh grass as high as them! We protected the trees in there with stucco wire but I guess not well enough since I can home today and they had eaten 1 1/2 trees. I ran outside in my house slippers, swore at them and slid across a pile of dog crap.
This is too depressing for me.
Ah, this video is so our life right now, the puppy gnawing on us while we try and enjoy the nirvanah of letting our sheep to the green pastures...

We did buy some gophers traps, we'll set them up tonight and check them in the morning. I haven't much faith in this solution however, we are terribly infested, we'd need at least 50 traps to make a dent, seriously. But we shall conquer with patience and perseverance. We'll just have a sad garden this year. Tonight I've protected most plants (not so hard with so few left). In the morning we're off to buy chicken wire to put all around the garden fence, and dig in a bit. Fence and more fence. And a better gun. And a cat maybe.

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  1. Oh, how maddening! We put our blood,sweat and tears into our garden and to have some nasty little rodent thing come and eat it is completely disheartening. When the deer ate my peas that one year I was so mad. I can't imagine almost my whole garden! I hope those traps work :)
    I love the picture of the three boys and really enjoy Sev's wrist roll! I love that chunky little guy!!!