Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raspberry heaven

A gorgeous rainy day, we needed the moisture after all of this heat. I've been feeling good this week, getting a lot done and lots of exercise. Not just hard labour farm style work, but also bike rides, swimming & quiet mama time, stretching & toning exercises. For me it is key, to feel like I have worked my body, and no matter what, my happiness level is up.
Baby tried out the crib while I was working for 10 mins in the studio... he liked it for about 5 mins...
We picked a lot of raspberries this week, at a friend's place, the local permaculture farm. He is away this month and asked us if we wanted to pick the berries & of course we do! Plus it was so inspiring just to be there, everything is so set up and established. And his place was just an open meadow like ours 15 years ago, now lush orchards and gardens. The kids picked into their mouths, I into the baskets. I froze most, also made some cookies...dehydrated almond raspberry thumbprints. It is a great recipe, good to use them in a non cooked enzyme retaining way, plus no flour, sugar, butter, etc.
-2 C almonds, soaked overnight
-1 C dates, soaked in 1 C water for 15 mins til soft, drained, reserve some soaking water to aid in blending, add as needed
-1 tsp cinnamon, couple pinches of nutmeg, pinch of salt, splash of vanilla
-2 T sunflower butter, or any nut butter
Blend all of that up in a food processor. Form small cookies on non stick dehydrator sheet, press in thumb to make indent & fill with a raspberry puree, just raspberries (1 pint) whipped through the food processor maybe with a splash of vanilla. Dehydrate til nice(12 hrs).
Welcome to the dragonflies...bon appetit (mozzers)!

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