Sunday, July 25, 2010

swim eat drink

Sharing some shots of our trip "to town" on Friday. Papa played the Marketfest with his African troupe. We went to watch the rehersal at the lakeside park. Also had a dip. I took the boys home early & papa had a good night out. Such a high energy group!Boys & their buddies playing in the lake...

These have been hot days! Our river is warm enough to really hang out in now. There are many "floaters" on the river. The kids love talking to them as they float/kayak by.

Our babe loves to say "MamaDadda", over and over all day long. So we think he's super cute,... and stretchy!

Soft egg yolk with a pich of salt is a fav breakfast for him...And Grandparents R&J are here! The kids were so excited. They came with lots of good food. The Creston cherries are like candy... unsprayed, from their fav fruit stand, Margo's.The new tradition seems that they bring a big basket loaded with special foods from the Italian grocery store (and some other stops along the way)- olives, capers, pesto, jams, tomato sauces in jars, olive oil, pellegrino, Italian coffee, tea, dried herbs, crackers, pitas, pastas (black pasta with squid ink!), anchovies, bags of peppers, heirloom tomatoes, salmon, smoked salmon, the list goes on and on. What a thrill to have such great food & be able to savour it all together.

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  1. Stretchy little sev! Just like his mama and auntie! Cant wait to meet the bloke. The squid ink pasta is good! Love you guys. You dont even know how much that water wants me in it and that sand crying for my feet, and those mountains to have my eyes adore them. Such a great place to reside. Truly jealous.