Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Knitting & Music

Secret scrypt in the sourdough bread.  Did I mention the starter is only happy when she is fed a diet solely of rye?  It is so satisfying to make the family bread.  We plan to grow our own grain next year.  Now that will be satisfaction.
His first knitting project with knitting needles (as opposed to finger crochet & finger weaving which we have baskets of yardage, to decorate the Christmas tree )... we aspire to turn it into a recorder case.  Finally got the beautiful wood pentatonic & soprano recorders this week as well as a sweet pentatonic glockenspiel...man, we are having fun!!!  Practicing covering those holes with those chubby little fingers.  He is doing well!

Anyhow, he says he is addicted to knitting (I know how that goes); he seriously hasn't stopped in 1 1/2 days since he learned.  His brother is pulling at the knitting wanting him to come play.


  1. Oh, those instruments on our wish list.. heavenly... The knitting looks beautiful and it must be so satisfying to watch him engaged.
    Warm wishes.

  2. oh wow he can knit a scarf the length of the land!
    very sweet :)